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We create meaningful connections & experiences that drive growth

Think of all those events, marketing, and sales initiatives you aren’t sure you have the money or time to develop, manage, execute, or measure. Or maybe you have a single big project you’ve been dreaming about and your current team is over-extended and needs a helping hand. We say, let’s make them happen.

Nifty Method helps your brand take big ideas and make them a reality, creating meaningful connections and purposeful business growth between you and your people in the social, digital, and physical world.

Inbound marketing focused on the customer lifecycle and your brand's why.

Full service event management and produce from idea through execution.

We help you focus your big ideas, leveraging key insights to create greater value.

We transform your big idea into content and experiences which tell your brand's story in a creatively courageous way. Signage to main stage.

It's more than the lanyard or media kit. We help you identify and achieve strategic partnerships that move your big idea forward.

We identify the gaps that might be holding your brand back based on your why, use the findings to help you achieve quick wins and big goals, then measure, rinse, repeat.

``Our sales have grown by 47% over the last 2 years, and we've had two acquisition offers come to the table. That's a direct result of Lindsay and her team.``